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U-turn from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt – What it Means For You

17 October 2022

Who likes to party and join in with the Hokey Cokey?

With today’s U-turn from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, it would seem like it’s the Government’s favourite Covid lockdown dance!

By dismantling policies from the mini-budget of just a few weeks ago, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has rewritten the prospects for your finances again!

Here’s a brief, but important, recap of the key points Jeremy Hunt made in his televised address:

What stays:

  • The planned cuts to stamp duty and National Insurance remain in place; the 1.25% rise in National Insurance will be cancelled on 6 November 2022
  • Corporation Tax will increase from 19% to 25% from April 2023, with lower and marginal rates for taxable profits under £250,000
  • The basic rate of income tax will remain at 20% and not be cut to 19%

What goes:

  • Energy price guarantee will no longer last two years – but for 6 months until April 2023 and then be reviewed
  • Dividend tax cut will be abolished so the 8.75% basic rate, 33.75% higher rate and the 39.35% additional rates remain in place
  • Plans to repeal reforms to off-payroll working rules – also known as IR35 rules – will cease

What next:

  • Hunt vowed there would be more difficult decisions on tax and spending, and that there would have to be cuts.

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