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Everyone brings their own passions and skills to their business. Our passion is to help you work as efficiently as possible. We’ll get the right information in front of you, and support you to make the best business decisions possible. Our friendly team take care of processing / compliance activities quietly in the background. We’re always ready to make time to talk through the challenges you face.

Approachable staff

You’ll find we don’t look or work like a traditional firm. By using the latest cloud-based technology, we can work anywhere with a WiFi or 4G connection. This means we can meet you at your premises or choose a business venue which is convenient. As a result, we have attracted highly qualified, experienced and approachable staff who value our flexible approach.

Focus on better results

At WCS, we focus on a relatively small number of clients. We work with those who are ready to change the way they do things to get better results. It’s important to us that you feel supported in dealing with the challenges that go with being a business owner.

Put faces to the names

Graham Potts

Managing Director

As a business owner myself, I understand how hard you work on your business, often without the reward your efforts deserve. I’m committed to helping understand what drives you and your business, as well as where you make money, and where you do not. I’m a Chartered Accountant, Tax Advisor and Mathematician. I enjoy working with great clients and balancing this with fun and family time.

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Elly McNamara

Customer Relationship Director

I’m a Chartered Accountant that understands it’s not just about the numbers. You’ll also need systems that work for you, and an accountant that can help you understand your figures, without the usual accountancy jargon. It’s important to me that you really understand what’s going on in your business and how you can improve performance. At home I enjoy spending time with my family and running.

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Headshot of Linda Carrington with Xero banner in background

Linda Carrington

Practice Management Director

I’m always looking for ways that we can get to know and support our clients better. I help with the practical to the strategic, including getting accredited and documenting your business processes. Often things aren’t as difficult as they seem. Away from work I’m into weight lifting, the outdoors and volunteering. I’m always on the hunt for a new app or automation.

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Want to join our team?

Do you feel you have what it takes to help our clients improve their business and increase profits? Contact us today. We’ll keep you in mind for our next opportunity here at Wessex Commercial Solutions.
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Debbie Curtis


I’m on a mission to help you set up your apps so you can ‘snap’ receipts on the go. No more monthly bookkeeping and reconciliation headaches! Best of all, by keeping your records up-to-date, we can minimise your VAT bill, and you can reinvest the time saved in your business. Outside work, I’m into family time and fitness. You’ll also see me at the Yeovil Town terraces each week.

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Lucy Deasy

Management Accountant

I have a passion for helping businesses grow. I work with you to establish and maintain solid financial practices, systems and management.  With my support you will understand your Management Accounts and use them as a tool to drive your business forward. When I am not working I value time with my husband and son, usually enjoying the beautiful Devon countryside (especially Dartmoor) or at the coast.

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We’ve Helped

We’ve helped business owners like you in Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall get their business running more smoothly.

“We have made a huge change in how we run our business, resulting in increased turnover and profits, as well as better cash flow.”

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