Helping your business

Our accountancy services are all about your business performance:

  • Outsourcing so you are better informed and supported in making effective business decisions.
  • Xero to provide you with better information.
  • Performance Improvement Consultancy
  • To help you get better results, profits and cash.
  • Compliance services such as annual accounts and corporation tax.
  • Business process consultancy to help you achieve ISO 9001 and to make paperwork easier.

For a positive impact on your business

When you can benefit from an experienced team for less than the price of a good quality finance director or controller, outsourcing makes great business sense.

How is your business doing?

As well as improving efficiency, our team look at how your business is performing. We’ll advise and support you to improve cashflow and profitability in your business. This could be just the change you need!

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Outsourced accountancy services

Xero certified silver partners

Let’s get Xero working for you and your business

We get frustrated when we see business owners using systems which are really only ‘for the accountant’. When people first come to WCS, they’re crying out for easy systems. They look for quoting / invoicing, costing, budgets that work, cashflow forecasting and being able to see who owes what at a glance.

The good news is that Xero delivers on all of these.

Sometimes we add a specialist app to provide extra functionality. However we tailor Xero, the focus is on helping you to run your business.

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Better profits and cashflow

Finding customers for your products and services is vital to the success of your business. However we love the expression ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality’. Too often we see small business chasing sales growth, sometimes at any cost.

Know where you make profit

It’s still surprisingly unusual for accountants to tell their clients which departments / products / services are the most profitable. We’re keen to provide the best possible information so you can focus time and energy on those parts of your business which can be really successful.

More about improving profits and cash

Profit improvement


Costing that works

It’s vital to know what you’re spending and making on your jobs, projects, products and services. Yet few accountants will help you to compare your actual profit margins with what you planned when pricing, or work out why they differ.

Simple, but effective

Our experienced team will ensure that you get effective ‘job costing’ information either within Xero itself, or using a specialist add-on. With good quality costing information, we can help you work out the optimum job / product / service mix for your business.

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Our team will help make your business more effective

Perhaps your next customer wants you to hold ISO 9001:2015 accreditation? Or you’d simply like to do things better? Our team will never ask you to make changes for change’s sake or provide a pre-written ‘manual’.

Finding what works for your business

We’ll carefully evaluate your current ways of working, before recommending options to improve your processes. If you’re looking for accreditation, we’ll help you to close any gaps we find. You might be surprised just how straightforward the process is, but we hope you won’t be surprised how supportive our team are.

More about ISO 9001

Business processes and ISO 9001

Annual accounts, corporation tax and compliance

We’ll meet your compliance requirements

Accounting isn’t a once-a-year exercise. However there are compliance activities which need to be done. So as well as providing you with regular management information, we’ll also take care of your compliance and tax planning activities.

Our packages include:
  • annual accounts
  • corporation tax returns
  • confirmation statements
  • self-assessment tax returns

We don’t provide standalone compliance services. That’s because we don’t want big surprises for you at year-end, so they’ll always be part of a management accounts package.

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