New to outsourcing? We look at the pros … and cons!

When we talk about outsourcing, we often think of large corporations and public bodies, perhaps deciding to ‘outsource’ facilities management or IT. Why would we recommend this as a model for businesses in the South West? Let’s take a look.

Regular management information
Responsive service
Xero specialists
Easy to work with
Improved profits
Better cashflow
Experienced team
Collaborate with other advisors

Why outsource?

When you outsource to us:
  1. No need to build your own team. When you employ additional in-house staff you take on responsibility for their wellbeing at work, as well as training, holidays and desk space. You’ll enjoy year-round support.
  2. Benefit from a wide-range of expertise in everything from bookkeeping and apps to tax and business strategy.
  3. We’re Xero experts, with specialist skills in construction / trades, food / drink, retail / ecommerce.
  4. Have you been in your business for a while? Benefit from a fresh approach, and our UK and international business experience.
  5. Focus on what you do best. Spend your time training your operations team, not your accountant!

Who better to hear from than our customers?


Why not?

We promised a ‘warts and all’ look.

Here are the risks:

  1. Your office administrator / bookkeeper may not like the change. However we’re a friendly team, and if they’re an asset to your business they’ll likely appreciate the extra support.
  2. We’ll automate your data entry. That will mean some (easy) changes for you and your staff. Not everyone will like it. But you’ll be spending money on something more meaningful than form filling and filing.
  3. You can’t run Xero because you have no broadband. In this case it’s probably time to talk to your provider / landlord or relocate, as government services are all going digital too.
  4. We will hold you accountable for the performance of your business. We will advise, suggest, recommend, and provide practical support too! However we’ll expect you to stick to what you agree. If that’s not for you, outsourcing to us won’t be the best option.
  5. Once we’ve looked at your lines of business, we may suggest reducing or even discontinuing one or more business streams. Sometimes your overall profits are affected by loss making activities. We want you to focus on the profitable areas of your business, and those with the most potential.

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