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7 tips when choosing Xero apps for retail and e-commerce

21 February 2022

When you’re working in retail and e-commerce, finding and looking after your customers is your number one priority. Understandably, it’s frustrating when outdated systems make that difficult. However, with the right technology from Xero apps you’ll have up-to-date information about your business to hand, making it much easier to check how your retail outlets and e-commerce sites are doing. Here are seven tips which we think will make a difference.

  1. How do I get purchase invoices and receipts into Xero? DEXT prepare allows you to forward email invoices / receipts to be machine read and automatically imported to Xero. In addition, your customers can pay your invoices using their preferred credit or debit card (or with digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay) using Stripe
  2. What about suppliers who ask you to login? DEXT Fetch is a great tool for pulling in purchase data from major platforms such as Amazon, as well as utilities and other providers who require you to login to download invoices / receipts.
  3. Selecting a card reader? iZettle, Square and Sumup can all work alongside Xero in different ways. There’s lots to consider, but here’s a great review from Mobile Transaction.
  4. Selling on Amazon or eBay? It can be a challenge getting your sales data into your accounts, but there are a range of apps which will automatically bring in sales data for you, such as Link My Books
  5. Selling on a smaller third party platform? We can develop a simple export / import process for you to make sure that your accounts are up-to-date.   
  6. Need your own e-commerce store? The Xero App Marketplace includes the leading Shopify app, which has direct integration with Xero.
  7. Need an inventory management system? If you’ll have a lot of stock to keep track of, check out Vend, Unleashed or Dear.

About us

Xero Retail and ecommerce specialist badge

Most of our clients do business in a number of ways thanks in part to retail and e-commerce apps – single channel retailing looks like a thing of the past! Our clients work from their shops, pop-up shops and events, besides having their their own websites and third party platforms. They do this to develop a presence, a brand, and to reach a wider range of customers. Multi-channel sales can make it more challenging behind the scenes, so our team help ensure that our clients have a clear picture of how each part of their business are performing, whatever their set-up.

We’re delighted that as a practice we’re also recognised as a Xero Retail and eCommerce specialist.

How familiar is your accountant with the technology?

At Wessex Commercial our team are using as many of these platforms as we can in-house. That means they have hands-on experience of the platforms they’re recommending.

Here’s what one client said about working with Wessex Commercial.

I like the fact that Wessex are up-to-date with technology. We had signed up to Xero before we joined, but were still doing accounts on spreadsheets. That’s despite the fact that we were working with a fairly large accountancy firm! It’s much easier to see how we are doing now – our management accounts provide a clear, up-to-date picture.

Eamonn Agha, Director, Huntsmore

Let’s look at your Xero apps

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