Why you need ISO 9001 for your business

Why you need ISO 9001 for your business

There’s one big reason you’ll want to go for ISO 9001, which is simply to win more business. ISO 9001:2015 is the entry level standard which demonstrates that you have a quality management system in place in your organisation. However, done well, the standard will also help you:

  • be more customer-focused
  • manage and reduce risks
  • support growth with repeatable processes
  • build resilience
  • get your business ready for sale or exit

Businesses use ISO 9001 to demonstrate to customers in the B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government) markets that they operate a robust, externally assessed, quality management system. It is particularly valued by:

✔️ safety-critical sectors like the nuclear industry

✔️ public sector bodies who need to demonstrate good use of funds

It helps answer the ‘how do we know’ questions which customers have, e.g.
👉 ‘how do we know they have competent personnel’,
👉 ‘how do we know they deal appropriately with non-conforming products’, or
👉 ‘how do we know they’ll understand and review our requirements’.

If your business operates in engineering, maintenance, construction, energy, manufacturing or any other process-driven sector, ISO 9001 is the entry-level standard which will help you gain access to new opportunities.

A word of caution. In most cases, and certainly if you are dealing with public bodies or tier 1 organisations, it’s vital to use a UKAS accredited certification body. UKAS are the government appointed agency who monitor the accreditation bodies. They say they ‘check the checkers’. 

Does your organisation have or need ISO 9001? Ask us today about help to gain or maintain your accreditation, and learn more here.

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