Becoming a virtual office

Becoming a virtual office

Becoming a ‘Virtual’ Office

Our Practice Management Director takes a look at everything you’ll need to set up a ‘virtual office’. From the apps to choose, to the steps you’ll need to take to protect your business.

With working from home advised for most office based staff, we look at the technology you’ll need. Furthermore, we share our experience of working remotely over a decade.

Our guide covers:

  • Office packages: more than just emails, calendar, documents and spreadsheets
  • Looking after your customers: customer relationship
    management (crm) systems
  • Job and project management: meeting customer expectations
  • Bookkeeping and accounts: automating data entry to
    free time for review and analysis
  • Housekeeping: Security is just as important at home
  • Digital wellbeing: Looking after yourself and your team

In addition, we recommend a range of apps for you and your team to consider.

Our team are experts in integrating accounts and business systems. We train you to use them and automating processes wherever we can.  We make sure you have the information you need to make the best possible business decisions.

Tell us about your experience of working and managing your team remotely?  We’d love to hear if you plan to continue to do so.

Contact us for further help and advice on setting up and managing your virtual office.

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