Tufcoat: a client perspective

Tufcoat: a client perspective

“I’ve used an outsourced FD in the past, but with hindsight, this was quite disruptive. It’s definitely been better working with WCS, they strike a balance so that I remain in control of the business, but the backup is there when I need a finance professional.

The WCS team highlight potential issues and act as a sounding board for ideas, and unlike some consultants, they don’t just point to what needs to be done and leave you to get on with it, they keep helping to improve the business. Since working with WCS, we have seen around a tenfold improvement in profitability.

I feel comfortable and confident working with WCS. The team are understanding and approachable, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for commercially-minded accountants.”

Since working with WCS, we have seen around a tenfold improvement in profitability. 

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