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We’ve helped clients in Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall to get their business running more smoothly. They come from a range of industries: retail and ecommerce, professional services, food and drink, and many more. However they all have one thing in common. They want to grow a businesses which is sustainable, resilient and profitable. We combine technology, training and advice to help them achieve those goals.

Here is one of their stories.

Marine leisure specialist, Clay Builder, took the plunge and set up a business following the sale of a previous business he was involved in. How is he feeling about his new venture?

“Wessex Commercial are a fantastic partner for my business. As a business owner, they’ve held my hand through set up and growth. They take away the headache of the ‘numbers game’ and are always on hand for a chat. I love what I do, but I’m numbers averse, and would end up losing money if it was not for Wessex Commercial. There’s no doubt their service pays for itself and more. I really appreciate that they tailor their service to suit their clients’ needs. It’s fair to say they under-sell and over-deliver. I recommend them to other business owners and, I know it is a cliché, but I feel completely confident working with them.”

Clay Builder
Livingstons Marine

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Ben Malik set up his HR consultancy firm, Auxilium HR Solutions, back in October 2020. As a member of Somerset Chamber of Commerce with 20 years’ experience, he’s helped many clients over the years. Here, he tells us how WCS has helped his own business grow and achieve its goals.

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