Save time in your business with our tech tips: part 2

Save time in your business with our tech tips: part 2

Here at Wessex Commercial, we’re keen to share even more tech tips to save you time and hassle!
We combine our years of experience, Xero Certified team and inquisitive nature to find solutions to your paperwork problems.

Take advantage of Xero invoice reminders

Fed up with spending time chasing unpaid invoices? There are a number of ways you can bring in cash more quickly with Xero, and one is to switch on invoice reminders.

One of the objections to anything ‘automated’ is that it can be a little impersonal. Here’s why that shouldn’t put you off:

  • you can write the reminders in your own words (Xero’s defaults are fine!)
  • have them go out on the schedule you decide
  • save people the embarrassment of being chased by a real person for a payment they simply overlooked
  • spend your credit control ‘time’ dealing with more important issues
  • show customers you’re spending time on valuable activities like customer service, not unnecessary admin

Get all your data in one place

If you have sales data from a variety of sources, you may find it difficult to get all of that data together. However, there are a number of quick and easy ways to get it into Xero!

These include:

  • with a direct connection to Xero
  • a third party data connector
  • via the API
  • by uploading a spreadsheet

Option one is the easiest with many third party apps such as Link My Books there to make the connection for you. The most expensive option would be connecting via the Xero API, as you’d need a developer to create and maintain the connection.

When working with low volumes of data or a platform not supported by a connection, it’s often easiest to simply upload a file (even if it’s likely you’ll need to reformat it).

You only need to go through the formatting process once though – you can use formulae to create a template that you can re-use the next time you need to upload a spreadsheet.

Use Loom when you need to explain things in detail

We all know Zoom inside out, but who has discovered Loom over the last couple of years?

It turns out that Zoom fatigue is real, but if you’re not sitting next to each other, video can often be the best way to explain something.

This is where Loom comes in.

We’ve been using Loom over the last 2 years for all sorts of things:

  • how to use new features of our CRM
  • handing over a project
  • how to carry out relatively obscure tasks
  • toolbox talks

Loom works for any kind of explainer video – simply share your screen and add your video/voiceover.

You may not want to go back over the same content again and again, so sending your recording to the recipient as a link would allow them to refer back to it as many times as they wish.

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We looked at how to:

  • eliminate manual data entry
  • make form filling easier
  • automate reports and emails

Read part one of our blog here: Tech Timesaving Tips.

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