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Simplify VAT. Maximize recovery, ensure compliance, free up your time for business growth.

VAT: a necessary complexity that can steal precious time and resources from small business owners. Wessex Commercial untangles VAT for you, ensuring accurate calculations, maximising allowable recoveries, and maintaining compliance. We go beyond the basics to help you reclaim typically overlooked VAT expenses, like the fuel element of employee mileage.

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Unlock VAT benefits: reduce costs, streamline processes, stay compliant

Wessex Commercial offers comprehensive VAT support:

  • Correct Rates & Calculations: Minimise errors and avoid costly penalties.
  • Maximised Recovery: Don’t miss out on reclaiming allowable VAT, even for complex expenses like fuel.
  • Optimal Scheme Selection: Flat rate, cash, or standard? We advise on the right fit for your business at the right time.
  • Record Keeping Expertise: We ensure your records are HMRC audit-proof for peace of mind.
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Ready to ditch VAT headaches and optimise your VAT position? Contact Wessex Commercial for a personalised consultation. If you’ve already got a bookkeeper who does your VAT return, we can carry out a periodic check to ensure your return is spot on.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of VAT so you can focus on driving growth in your business.

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