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Profit improvement and margin analysis

Uncover Profit Potential. Go beyond 'What Happened' to 'How to Improve' with our analysis and a clear action plan.

Tired of waiting until year-end for vague profit results? Wessex Commercial’s Profit & Margin Analysis transforms your financials into a real-time tool. We help you understand how each product, service, location, or customer segment contributes to your bottom line – not just an overall number.

Graham, Chartered Accountant and whizz at profit analysis, sits with management accountant, Lucy, outdoors at a venue in Exeter, Devon

From insight to action: profit and margin analysis that get results

Wessex Commercial dives deeper to pinpoint:

  • Profitability Breakdown: Visualise profit contributions, helping you focus on high-margin opportunities.
  • Planned vs. Actual: Identify deviations from budget and the driving factors behind them.
  • Cost Control: Identify areas where costs can be optimised without compromising quality.
  • Pricing Power: Uncover hidden opportunities to increase prices or adjust sales mix strategically.
  • Informed Decision-Making: No jargon, just actionable insights to revise pricing, sales efforts, and resource allocation.
Business person writing on a whiteboard, focusing on strategic issues including mark-up, margin and profits

Ready to make data-driven decisions that impact your bottom line? Partner with Wessex Commercial for Profit & Margin Analysis.

Our team members have considerable experience, having carried out margin analysis on a wide range of businesses, from startups to multi-million pound and dollar contracts. We use this experience to tailor our analysis to your specific needs, regardless of your business size or industry.

Discover the true profitability drivers within your business. We help you cut losses, boost profits, and prioritise action for the results you want.

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