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Exit strategy planning

Exit with Confidence. Build a Valuable Business, Start Planning Your Exit Early.

Most business owners think about their exit strategy too late. When you’re ready to retire, sell, or bring in family, you want the process to be smooth and rewarding. With Wessex Commercial, you can proactively build a valuable business that’s ready for transition.

Somerset-based Chartered Accountant, Graham, chats with a Wessex Commercial colleague over coffee

Exit Strategy Success: plan, prepare, optimise

Wessex Commercial’s practical approach includes:

  • Business Valuation & Readiness: Understand your business’s value and identify areas for improvement.
  • Financial Optimisation: Maximise profitability and streamline financials for buyer scrutiny.
  • Operational Efficiency: Document processes, strengthen your team, and reduce owner reliance.
  • Succession Planning (if relevant): Explore options for family succession, management buyouts, or external sales.
  • Tax Preparation: Identify tax-efficient exit strategies to minimise your tax burden.
The Wessex Commercial accountancy and consultancy team meet to talk strategy. They're seated around a table with Graham at a flipchart.

Don’t leave your exit to chance. Partner with Wessex Commercial for a proactive approach to exit strategy planning. Whether you’re years away from transition or considering a near-term sale, we’ll guide you through the process to exit on your terms. Contact us for a consultation.

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