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Say goodbye to manual data entry. Focus on what matters, while we handle your bookkeeping

High-quality bookkeeping is the foundation of data-driven decision-making. Yet, it’s a task that consumes valuable time. Wessex Commercial transforms bookkeeping with automation and human expertise. We understand that technology alone isn’t enough, that’s why our dedicated team brings real-world context and financial understanding to the data.

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Modern bookkeeping = automation + human expertise

Our technology-driven approach significantly reduces workload while our professionals ensure accuracy:

Automated Data Entry: DEXT empowers you to snap photos of receipts and invoices for seamless data extraction. We save you an average of over 5 hours* per month in manual data processing. (* Source: DEXT Prepare)

Seamless Integration: Sales platforms and bank accounts effortlessly integrate with Xero, centralising your financial data.

Accurate Reconciliation: We meticulously reconcile bank statements, ensuring the data is ready for further analysis.

Human Expertise: Our experienced bookkeepers and accountants review the data, spot potential anomalies, and provide the strategic financial insights that drive informed decisions.

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Ditch the data-entry headache and embrace the power of automated bookkeeping. Wessex Commercial combines technology with human expertise to deliver accurate financial records, saving you precious time.

Stop spending hours on manual tasks and redirect your energy to the activities that directly impact your bottom line. Invest those hours saved in strengthening customer service, driving sales, tightening credit control, or implementing effective procurement strategies.

With Wessex Commercial as your bookkeeping partner, you can focus on growth initiatives that put more cash in your business and propel you towards long-term profitability.

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