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Boost profits in hospitality & tourism. Wessex Commercial helps you manage business finances, unlock data insights, and streamline operations for profit.

Inflationary pressures on food, energy, and staffing are squeezing hospitality margins. Wessex Commercial helps you navigate these challenges by providing a comprehensive approach to managing costs and improving profits.

We start by integrating your EPOS system with Xero, providing real-time data to identify cost-saving opportunities across your entire operation. This might involve analysing wet and dry products, checking energy consumption during operational hours, or reviewing staffing schedules to ensure optimal coverage. With this granular data, we can then help you develop data-driven pricing, sales and marketing strategies that take rising costs into account while still maintaining competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Helping hospitality and tourism businesses thrive in challenging times

Fragmented data from disparate systems including point of sale (EPOS), online sales, and manual spreadsheets gets in the way of informed decision-making.

Wessex Commercial addresses these data silos by seamlessly connecting your online sales platforms, EPOS, and Xero accounting system. This creates a financial dashboard that provides clear and actionable management reports. These reports empower you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as staff productivity by department, analyse sales trends across different product categories or service offerings, and make data-driven choices for marketing and operational efficiency.

For instance, by examining website traffic and booking data, you can identify your most profitable customer segments and tailor your marketing strategies to attract more of these high-value guests. Additionally, our data analysis can help you optimise staffing levels based on historical sales patterns and peak seasons, ensuring you have the right number of employees on hand to deliver exceptional service without incurring unnecessary labour costs.

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High staff turnover and time constraints are chronic challenges in the hospitality industry. These issues can lead to a backlog of bookkeeping tasks, diverting your attention away from crucial aspects of running your business, such as developing growth strategies and providing exceptional customer service.

Wessex Commercial tackles these challenges head-on by streamlining bookkeeping processes and automating tasks wherever possible. This frees up valuable time for you to focus on strategic initiatives and ensure your guests have a memorable experience.

Additionally, we offer expert advisory services to help you scale your hospitality business. Our advisers can guide you through the process of developing a growth plan, securing funding, and implementing operational improvements that will allow you to expand your reach and profitability.

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