Save time in your business with our technology tips

Save time in your business with our technology tips

Here at Wessex Commercial, we are keen to share our technology tips with you to save time and hassle!
We combine our years of experience, Xero Certified team and inquisitive nature to find solutions to your paperwork problems.

Stop manually entering bills and receipts into Xero

Do you still find yourself wasting valuable time manually entering bills and receipts into Xero?

Too many business owners are still uploading files to Xero and keying in the amounts and tax rates when apps such DEXT will automatically do that for you!

  • Take a photo with the app or forward to the designated email address
  • The rest is taken care of!

Stop manually calculating your mileage claims

Are you, like many businesses, failing to claim VAT on the fuel element of your mileage? Do you still ask employees to complete a claim form?

Tripcatcher will do this for you! Here’s how:

  • Select the date of your trip
  • Select the type of vehicle that you used and the reason for your trip
  • Enter the address of your starting point and destination
  • Add the distance that you travelled
  • The rest is done for you!

You can also add extra passengers, indicate whether it was a return trip and add frequent trips to your favourites.

Stop downloading utility bills

Do you hate logging in to download utility bills every month? We know your accountant will want the invoice to support your VAT claim, but stop downloading it manually when DEXT Fetch can do this for you!

  • Simply connect to the platform
  • DEXT will download the invoice automatically every time

Stop filling in forms in Word or on paper

Do you still ask employees to fill in forms in Word or on paper? If so, you probably waste precious time summarising the data you collect while also juggling paperwork.

Why not ask your questions using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms instead?

  • Get auto-summarised data in Sheets or Excel
  • It’s quicker, easier and hassle-free for you and your employees alike
  • You can spend more time on tasks, sales and customer service

Use data in Xero to measure your carbon footprint

Did you know you can use data in Xero to help measure your carbon footprint? If you want to measure your carbon footprint but don’t know where to start, head to the Xero App Store and connect to Spherics.

  • Using purchasing data, the app will measure your carbon footprint
  • You can even track progress year-on-year!

Automate reports and emails with Zapier

Need to share a report or email each month? Instead of doing it manually, automate it with Zapier. It can complete tasks on a set schedule or when there’s a specific trigger, depending on what suits your needs.

  • If you’re sending the same kinds of invoice to DEXT on a monthly basis, you can also use Zapier to automatically open, forward and file those emails.

That’s one thing off your regular to-do list and one less email in your inbox!

If you’d like more tips and some advice on how you can use technology to save time and grow your business, book a Business & Xero Review today and we’ll help your business go further.

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