Book your New Year business review

Book your New Year business review

Making resolutions in the New Year is a bit of a cliche. We probably know from experience that they are often fanciful ideas rather than plans we can really commit to.

This week, the New York Times has been advising readers to start practising New Years resolutions now. Their argument makes sense: if you plan to start a regular exercise schedule having not been to the gym in years, a few workouts in December will not only break you in gently, but increase your chance of success.

In my family we often slate the concept of New Year’s resolutions at all (why save up good ideas till then?). But for many businesses owners, the start of the calendar year aligns with a new financial year, and it often feels like time for a fresh start.

What will your business resolutions be in 2020?

  • Improve profitability so you can take home the dividends you deserve?
  • A more predictable (and less tight) cash flow?
  • Sleeping better and worrying less?
  • Make time for those personal goals (get fit, enjoy more family time)?

Taking on board the idea we should start practising our New Years resolutions now, why not book a business review with one of our Directors before your Christmas break?

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This offer is available to Devon and Somerset businesses within an hour of Exeter and Yeovil. Your turnover will be approaching or over £1m, and you will provide premium products or specialist services. We are most able to help this size and type of business. If you don’t fit this description, please let us know. We’ll put you in touch with someone who can help. The offer is of course subject to our team’s availability.

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