Let’s Chat

Let’s Chat

Speech bubble saying 'hello, let's chat' (we now have live online chat during office hours at wessexcommercial.com)When something is on your mind, you’ll want a quick answer, which is why we’ve launched our online chat service with LiveChat. Whether you’d like advice, or need help doing something, you can now chat live with our team at wessexcommercial.com.

More ways to stay in touch

Of course, this isn’t the only way to stay in touch. Customers can now contact us:

  • on the phone
  • by email to our support team
  • via social media
  • on our website

as well as in person when we meet. We really appreciate your feedback on how things are going, so get in touch with our Practice Management Director, Linda, at any time.

What happens if you get in touch out of hours?

We’ll respond to your message if we can, but if not, we’ll receive an email and will get back to you promptly. Often it will be at the start of the next business day. If we’re not able to answer your question straight away, we’ll let you know when we’ll have a response.

Can your customers contact you with Chat

If you’re considering offering a similar service to your own customers, enjoy a 14-day free trial and receive a 50% discount on your first payment through this link.

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