It’s not easy changing accountant

It’s not easy changing accountant

Back in spring 2020, survival was at the front of our minds. We were thinking about ourselves, our families, and our businesses. Changing accountant was absolutely not on the agenda. It was all about getting through this.

So what’s changed? Is now the time to think about changing accountant?

Since you set up your business you might’ve expanded into new areas, moved into new premises and taken on staff. However, the last few years have presented us all with some of the most significant socio-eonomic changes we’ve ever known. No matter how these have impacted you, from Brexit to the climate crisis and then to the pandemic, one thing is for certain.

Your business is no longer the same as it once was.

Since the pandemic began, your business may have:

  • Temporarily closed
  • Diversified
  • Laid off staff
  • Changed the way you work
  • Recruited staff
  • Lost customers
  • Gained customers
  • Been busier than ever
  • Carried on as ‘normal’

If you used the furlough scheme, you most likely called on your accountant to help make sure you got your employees pay right, and to submit your grant claims to HMRC. They may also have helped you with grant and loan applications and cash flow forecasts.

Why you should stay with your existing accountant

Don’t move if you’re happy where you are. That means:

  1. You’ve got a great working relationship and they’re super supportive
  2. They’re open to new ideas and will make suggestions too
  3. They’ll answer your accounting questions
  4. They’re up-to-date with your tax returns
  5. You can also get technical support on Xero
  6. They’ve automated much of your data entry and processing
  7. They’ve made you feel confident about your numbers and understand what you need to do to develop your business

Why might it be difficult to change?

We know it can be challenging if:

  • You’ve known your accountant for a long time
  • You don’t like confrontation or aren’t keen to negotiate a new package
  • You’re worried about losing access to long-standing knowledge

Why now might just be the time

There were other more pressing issues on our minds before the start of the pandemic, but now we’ve had time to adapt to the ‘new normal’. So, now might be the time to change if:

  • You’re ready to increase cash and profits in your business
  • You’re no longer content with where your business is
  • You are looking for new ways to do things, save time and improve performance
  • You want to get results

What do clients say about working with us?

The support we receive from Wessex Commercial is excellent. Whereas you may only hear from other accountants at month end, the WCS team are available on the phone for general enquiries. They go above-and-beyond, getting everything done on time for us.

If another SME were looking for an accountant? I’d definitely recommend Wessex Commercial. The team are always efficient, always at the end of the phone, and great to work with!

Salcombe Gin

What’s next?

If you’re thinking about changing your accountant, get in touch. Our Business & Xero Review is a great way to get some fresh input into your business for a fixed low price, without any commitment to changing your accountant.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

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